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I always knew that myrrh was one of Jesus’ gifts when He was borne, but I started asking questions when I discovered myrrh in the Song of Solomon! Wasn’t it significant that this was the exact time I’ve struggled through a divorce and being single parent?

One of my questions was: Why would Jesus get the gift of myrrh if it tasted and represents something bitter? Soon, my own questions to life’s bitterness were answered in the most unique way. I started sharing them and became witness to lives being changed by the understand of and value hidden in suffering – as explained and revealed by the analogy of myrrh.



We love the aromas and how it makes us feel.

We admire their therapeutic properties and how it benefits our bodies.

We worship their Creator and bring Him glory wherever we can!

…and just so you know, we always search for more and more ways to share them with you!



Unlocking Bible’s Hidden Treasures Through Anointing Oils


Our Mission

At the School of the Anointing, we aim to enrich your life through the profound God-designed wisdom of anointing oils. 

Full-Year Program

Delve deep into the world of anointing oils with our comprehensive year-long journey. Discover the God-design of anointing oils, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace personal growth.

Once-Off Workshops

While valuable, they offer just a taste of our wisdom. The full-year program provides in-depth knowledge, certification, lasting connections, and holistic transformation.